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Experience local buy & sell with the convenience of in-app delivery and payments.

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An All-in-One Local Resale Experience

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The First Stages of Our Journey

Every groundbreaking app begins with a series of small ideas that are combined into an all-inclusive one. At Divebox, we wanted to change how consumers see the concept of local buy & sell, by creating a fully centralized marketplace that offers on-demand delivery, integrated payments, and two-way communications. Our team of incredibly bright-minded individuals have dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to ensure that your local resale experience is easier than ever.

About Us

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Toronto, Ontario

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Is your platform safe to use?

We understand that when buying used items, trust and security are of the utmost importance. By partnering with Stripe Payments, our users can rest assured that they can purchase and sell items in a secure and fast manner. Likewise, all of our users must sign-in either through facebook or provide a phone-number, and our sellers must provide ID before uploading an item for sale. We have a robust reputation system to help promote transparency and security within the app.

What kind of items can I sell on your platform?

At this time, we can delivery small and medium-sized items capable of fitting within a sedan-like vehicle or bike delivery box. Divebox does not have the capability to deliver large and heavy items such as furniture, appliances, large electronics, etc.

How quickly can I expect my delivery?

At this time, we provide on-demand delivery within a maximum 24 hour window.

Do you charge sellers a fee?

It's completely free to post items to sell, we only a charge a flat low % commission fee on items once they sell.

What happens if my item is not as described?

When you order an item through Divebox, the transaction will not be executed until you receive the item and are satisfied with your purchase. As per our Terms of Service, you have 48 hours to dispute a transaction and claim a refund. Once you've made your claim and provided supporting evidence, we'll be happy to refund you accordingly and have a Carrier stop-by to return the item to its seller. 

When do I receive the payment for my item?

You will receive a direct deposit to your linked banking account when the buyer has received your item and has stated they are satisfied with the purchase.

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