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5 Tips to Becoming a Pro Seller on Divebox

We wanted to share with the community some of our tips based on what we've been seeing from our best performing sellers on Divebox. As one of the only real zero management platforms for selling preowned stuff, there's a few tricks that can help you sell even more easily and quickly.

1. Quality, Quality, Quality Listings, Profile, Everything

It should really go without saying but having multiple images (atleast 3 images) for each of your listings will go a long way to getting your item sold. Additional staging of how your item is used or where it fits will help inspire the buyer to purchase the item you're selling. Descriptions should be full and clearly describe all of the issues so that the buyer isn't surprised!

2. Pricing Is An Art

Sometimes even though you might have posted something at an amazing discount from retail price, you should always check and compare to other similar listings on the platform to see if you are being competitive. This will prevent you from being disappointed on any lack of interest or in considering whether to accept an offer or not.

3. Leverage Social Media

Did you know you can share your seller profile link to people outside the app? Whether you have a LinkTree, personal blog, or currently selling on other platforms, attaching your Divebox seller profile link can help drive direct traffic to your listings and maximize your changes of getting your stuff sold. Best part is that if it's a new user that signs up you'll also get a referral bonus! That sounds like a total-win-win to us.

4. Make It Unique

Yes it might just be an iPhone, but maybe it's an iPhone that comes with a limited edition case, a cleaning kit, or a grip holder...Though these things might be small, they can make the difference between your item being picked over a comparable one posted at the same price.

5. Keep Bumping Until Sold

Don't let your listings go stale. If after a couple weeks you don't notice your listings getting any traction, consider updating the images or the description to have it refreshed and placed amongst the recently added listings. Sometimes it's as simple as catching the right eye at the right time ;).

Were these tips helpful? Unlike other marketplaces, with Divebox's zero management selling platform all you have to focus on is getting an interested buyer and we'll take care of the rest! No meetups, no trips to the post office, and no back-and-forth.

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