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Divebox 2.0 Is Here

We're excited to announce that Divebox 2.0 is here. We've worked hard over the last few months to make some BIG changes to the app and add some awesome new features which we're sure you'll love!

1. A completely refreshed UI. We've made your browsing experience easier than ever with new categories and a fully personalized home screen so that you can find the items you want quickly.

2. Interac e-Transfer payouts. You can now receive seamless payouts via e-transfer instead of direct deposit! Just sync your preferred email address and we'll send your payout immediately after your item sells.

3. Divebox Rewards & Accolades. Have you verified your profile? Great! Here's $10 credit towards your next purchase. Setup your preferred payout method? Here's another $15 credit towards your next purchase! With Rewards & Accolades we want to make sure we recognize and support our most active members of the community.

Make sure you have the most updated version of the app today by updating the app on the app store!

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